Our Techniques

At Flexible Anatomy, everything Carla does is about Fascia.

There are 3 different types:

Superficial Fascia, which is the lowermost layer of skin in nearly all regions of the body that blends with the reticular dermis layer. 

Visceral Fascia, which suspends the organs within their cavities and wraps them in layers of connective tissue membranes.

Deep Fascia, which is the layer of dense fibrous connective tissue which surrounds individual muscles and also divides groups of muscles into fascial compartments.

Fascia is everywhere in our bodies and is incredibly easy to damage. In fact, most of the time we damage our fascia and never have any idea that we’ve done any damage to ourselves at all. Often time, we may do damage to a region of fascia in a small, superfluous activity, maybe as a child, or due to some sort of incident and eventually, even though you may not feel any damage or pain initially, you will begin to experience discomfort. This pain and discomfort will become apparent as your brain begins to retrain itself to use the muscles and joints differently in an effort to avoid the pain.

Flexible Anatomy offers a wide range of services designed to fix this. Some of our services are specific to targeting and healing fascia, and others are designed to maintain the health and range of mobility Carla gives back to you by healing your fascia. Some of the services offered at Flexible Anatomy to help with your healing are: C.H.E.K. Coaching and training, Dynamic Contraction Techniques, Ki-Hara stretching, Mashing stretching, and Neuro Kinetic Re-Lengthening. Amongst a list of other services, Carla also offers Pilates, Full Body Vibration, Pneumatic Compression, and TRX Suspension training. What ever it is that you need, Flexible Anatomy is here to heal your ailments. Keep your fascia in top tier condition. For a full list of all of our techniques, with descriptions, you can look here!